Fargo Film Festival 2018


When approached to do cover art for the 2018 Fargo Film Festival, I immediately made a list of iconic imagery I felt connected with “Fargo” and “Films”. The result looked something like this:

• The Marquee
• Bison
• Snow/Blizzards
• Popcorn
• Cameras
• Projectors
• Film
• Classic Cars on Broadway
• Festival
• Film-maker
• Woodchipper
• Etc.

Immediately, I cut some of the terms that has been used in the past (popcorn, woodchipper, etc.) and then decided to merge the rest of the terminology into one image, instead of trying to create an image from any individual term.

Early concept sketches looked like this:

Though I was free to do whatever I wanted, one piece of direction that was offered was “comic book/graphic novel” aesthetic, so I immediately played with the design aesthetics found within comic book covers. I was also given two separate aspect ratios to aim towards, as the image would be used in different formats for advertising versus publication.

For the standard letter-size aspect ratio, I chose to utilize classic US comic book cover aesthetics.

However, for the tabloid-size aspect ratio, I opted to base the imagery off of UK comics, as they are printed at that size.

After turning the two images in, it was decided (wisely, in my opinion) to ditch the additional comic aspects and focus solely on the stampeding blizzard image itself.



For inquiries, contact Mark at markelton@gmail.com.