We’re going to do a little jump again – Partially because I need to focus my thoughts in preparation for the first of many conventions this summer. So here we go! CONVENTIONS AS AN ARTIST: WHAT SHOULD YOU KNOW? SHOULD YOU KNOW THINGS? LET’S FIND OUT! 3 TIPS FOR ATTENDING ARTIST ALLEY 1. GET THERE EARLY I recommend arriving at the convention AT LEAST an hour before the doors open. I can’t tell you how many times I arrive at my table, only to discover my table placement will require a…unique…setup solution to garner aisle traffic. It is also nice to have a little quiet time before the doors open to collect your thoughts and mentally prep for the attendees. 2. AIM YOUR TABLE TOWARDS TRAFFIC Since aisle traffic can flow both ways, I recommend setting your table up like a sound shell, with a major inward facing wall directed at the heaviest flow of traffic, and a minor inward facing wall pointed towards the lighter flow of traffic. Not sure where the heaviest flow of traffic will be? Look to where attendees will be arriving from. Are you at a coveted corner table? Maybe two outward facing walls would be best for you. Wherever you are, be aware of your surroundings and be creative. 3. TAKE INVENTORY OF YOUR WORK You may think you know what pieces are selling well based on customer feedback, but if you keep track of numbers, you could be surprised. Sometimes a less hyped piece will outsell pieces with more hype. A piece featuring a trending pop culture character may draw people in, but that doesn’t mean it will sell well amidst a sea of similar pieces by other artists. Alternatively, a quiet piece featuring a sleeping cat may not draw as many people in, but that doesn’t mean it won’t sell well. And those are my three tips for today. I may or may not have set aside 9 or 12 additional tips to share later in the summer. Hopefully, they prove useful to someone.
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